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Participation in a legal entity Czech Business Visa - Visa for over 90 days (long-term residency)


We can provide you full service to buy or establish Czech Company and help you with process of the application for VISA before submitting documents to Czech Embassy.  We can also help you to find the flat, employee, office even without you to travel to Czech Republic to save your time.


Czech Business Visa Benefits

Business visa (business visa) to the Czech Republic (EU) is issued for up to 6 months. An extension for a period of one year can be always requested at the regional office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in the place of residence. After 5 years of continuous residence in the Czech Republic, it is possible to apply for permanent residence in Czech Republic (EU).

Czech LTD company

For a business visa, you must establish or buy as a shareholder a company in the Czech Republic, where you will be also a statutory body. It is better if the company has a real physical leased office (not only virtual office) and ideally 1-2 employees with employment contract (paying social and health insurance).


General document requirments for business visa

All documents can´t be older than 180 days and must be verified translated into Czech language (with apostille or superlegalisation). The processing time of the application for a business visa at the Czech consulate is 90-120 days. In the event of a positive assessment of your application, the embassy will contact you (in most cases by email) and you will agree on the deadline for taking a long-term visa.


Documents required to submit a business visa apliacation on Czech consulate (outside Czech Republic):

  • Request to issue a long-term visa to the Czech Republic  (we have the Form)
  • 2 photos (3.5 × 4.5 cm)
  • The original of the travel document
  • Extract from the Commercial Register of the Company where you are the Managing Director
  • Proof of accommodation for the whole period of validity (rent / sub-lease / consent of the owner of the real estate for housing + extract from the Land Register of the Czech Republic)  (we have the Form)
  • Extract from criminal records in the country of citizenship
  • Confirmation of financial security for subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay and for return to the country of origin or for transit to a third country - equivalent to EUR 6.500 (50times more the subsistence minimum defined by Czech Authority) - copies of international payment cards + bank statement indicating the account holder, type of currency and its equivalent in euro, ....
  • (Medical certificate for the absence of serious illnesses (tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV infection) (for citizens of Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), each applicant is required to provide on request).
  • After a positive (approved) application, you will be obliged to submit a special travel health insurance document and proof of payment of insurance premiums (VZP, UNIQA, MAXIMA, SLAVIA, ...).  We can help you to find best deal for the insurance, we have the list of insurers authorized to provide services on the territory of the Czech Republic) prior to the visa designation. The amount of the insured claim limit for an insured event must be at least EUR 60,000, without the insured's participation.


The application can be submitted only personally at the Czech embassy office in your country of your citizenship, or in the country where the passport was issued or in the country of long-term or permanent residence.  Updateted list of Czech embassied abroad is here (link opens in new window).  The consular fee is EUR 120.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic or the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic may invite you to an interview during the proceedings, requesting the completion of the application form; the Embassy of the Czech Republic is also authorized to take your fingerprints (biometrics) or to make your image record.

The applicant, if he does not speak the language of the negotiation, is obliged to provide an interpreter to Czech language for the interview.


Obligations of third-country nationals after entering the Czech Republic

Third-country nationals are required to register their place of residence in the Czech Republic at the Aliens Police Department according to their place of residence in the Czech Republic within 3 working days of entering the Czech Republic (you submit a travel document and a filled-in application card - available on the spot, on request of the authority you have to submit your travel health insurance confirmation)


Our prices and fees

  • Our assistance for business visa appliacation - 460 EUR
  • Assistance in research for an employee (i.e assistant or receptionist) until signing the contract - EUR 500
  • Assistance in finding a flat to sign the contract - a reward of 1 rent
  • Assistance in finding the office up to signing a contract - a reward of 1 rent


Administrative Fees of State Authorities

  • Health Insurance - By the choice of the insurance company
  • Registration at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (mandatory by law within 3 days) once you will come to Czech Republic with your Business VISA first time - 2,500 CZK
  • Amendments to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic - 2,500 CZK
  • Extension of long-term stay at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic - 2,500 CZK


Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for more information. You can drop us an email to office@czechreadymadecompany.com or call (+420) 228 808 055.

What are the main advantages of Czech ready made company?

The main advantage of buying an already established ready-made "s.r.o." company from us is the short period of purchase (within 24 hours on weekdays) and its readiness to immediately conduct a business. We provide company headquarters in Prague at our headquarters PragueVirtualOffice.com which is 5 star office. All our ready made companies have 100% paid-in capital, zero obligations or claims and they have not commenced business yet. The company is already registered in the Czech Company Registrar and has assigned its identification number (IC) and registered unqualified trade.

Moreover, you can choose if you want to buy a Czech ready made company with its headquarters in one of our offices in Prague (Czech Republic) or if you want to register your own address. If you want to register your own address than you need to do so on your own.

We also offer a bunch of services to support your new business.


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